From me – The GFC’s impact on budgets – is it still here?

I’m guessing that a good number of you would have felt the impact of the GFC on your training budgets (I’m obviously biased here but I don’t get why companies reduce their training budget at the same time as laying off staff…surely you need MORE training when you have a smaller workforce but still need to keep your service standards up!?! A topic for another time perhaps).

Anyway, it’s seems over the past year or so there’s been an improvement in the amount of money organisations are allocating to training, however, I’m still noticing that a good number are cautious of committing (in many cases this is probably very prudent of course) and wondered if this is the case for you?

Additionally, we’ve seem some volatile movements on the markets of late with some even talking about a ‘double dip recession’ and I wondered weather this has had the people holding the company purse strings ‘jumpy’…


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