From me – Poll suggests future focus on training

There’s a poll on Human Capital Magazine’s website asking “How is your company planning to combat the skills shortage?”. The options given are:

  • Upgrade skills of existing staff
  • Hire contract/temp staff to alleviate workloads
  • Hire staff from overseas
  • Have existing staff work longer hours

It’s still fairly early days in the poll but it comes as no surprise to me that ‘Upgrade skills of existing staff’ is way ahead of the other three with 50% of the votes. Aside from the fact that it makes sense to invest in your existing staff, there simply isn’t the human resource out there to meet the demand (particularly in the mining/resources sector) and besides, recruiting is generally a FAR more expensive exercise than training!

Click here to see the poll (and add your vote if you feel like it of course) – it’d also be great to hear how you’re company is dealing with any skills resource issues – is the focus on training, contracting, or recruiting (or all three)?


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