In the news – Apple’s iTunes U [University] hits 600 million education downloads

By Daniel Eran Digler – ‘Apple Insider’ – Published: 08/09/11

Apple’s iTunes U, an initiative encouraging schools to offer print, audio and video downloads of their education programs almost entirely free to the public, has hit a new
milestone of 600 million downloads.

The program was unveiled in early 2007, but according to Apple’s figures
obtained by The Loop, half of those downloads have occurred over the
last year.

Apple noted hitting a milestone of 300 million downloads last August, meaning
the service has snowballed in growth since.

Nearly a third (30 percent) of iTunes U traffic now originates from iOS
devices. The service, available worldwide in 123 countries, also counts 60
percent of its users as being outside the US.

Apple states that there are now over 1,000 universities actively participating in iTunes U (up from 800 one year ago). Among the most prolific are Open University and Stanford University, which Apple has partnered with in other projects as well. Both have shared more than 30 million downloads with users.

Yale University, MIT, University of California Berkeley and the University of
South Florida have all reached 20 million downloads each, while Emory
University, Harrisburg Area Community College, Ludwig Maxmillians University of
Germany and Oxford University have all surpassed the ten million download mark.

Participating organizations often make their content available free to the
public, although some limit access to their own members. For example, Apple
itself publishes its Worldwide Developer Conference sessions via iTunes U, but
only to registered developers.

1 thought on “In the news – Apple’s iTunes U [University] hits 600 million education downloads

  1. This just goes to show what an unbelievable amount of free resource is now available ‘out there’. In the main this really has to be seen as a huge positive, however, it does make me wonder if student will now have a new problem of ‘sorting the wheat out from the chaff’…


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