Event(s) Alert – Delivering Change Management: A Panel Discussion 13th and 20th Oct

Another event alert for you but I’m glad to say that this one’s for free!!! Cliftons (the organisation that provides training and event venues…very good ones too!) are hosting a couple of forums on Change Management. Aside from being free of charge to attend and having several good speakers lined up (as well as the panel discussion), these things are also great from a networking point of view.

The first one is in Melbourne from 5.30pm to 7.30pm on the 13th of Oct and the second is one is in Sydney, 5.30pm to 7.30pm on the 20th of Oct (both at Cliftons of course).

The website states…


Vast amounts of time and money are invested in designing systems and workplace processes; however the average program failure rate is 70%. 

To help bridge these knowledge gaps, Cliftons is hosting a panel discussion with Change and L&D Specialists.  

An evening for management professionals, the discussion will explore driving cultural shifts, the neuroscience of change, learning environments, budgeting for change & securing stakeholder buy-in.

The Presenting Panel of Change Specialists

Helen Campbell
Helen has over 20 years experience in consulting and leadership in Australia and the UK. Through a successful career as a change manager, facilitator, program manager and consultant, she has developed an impressive track record of achievement at the highest level in the specialist area of change management.

Wayne Robertson 
Wayne is the head of L&D at Wesfarmers Insurance and has over 10 years experience in driving effective change and designing development frameworks.   Wayne specialises in promoting sustainable structural and process change by designing efficiency and effectiveness improvements in the workplace.   

Celia Prosser                   
Celia is a performance & motivational coach and consultant specialising in the area of emotional intelligence. Working through Emotional Intelligence Worldwide, Celia designs and delivers programs for organisations and individuals to maximise their skills & achieve their own level of excellence.

Kylie Malmberg
Kylie leads the VIC Change Management Institute, is a consultant specialising in change, business strategy & coaching and is the owner of Kaleidoscope Solutions. Kylie has managed large mergers, business relocations, the introduction of new services & strategies and system developments & upgrades.

For more information and to register click here.

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