From me – The future looks bright for the L&D jobs market

What with all this global economic uncertainty and even certain areas of the Aussie jobs market looking shaky (take manufacturing and retail for example), I thought it’d be interesting to have a look at to see what sort of demand there was across the country for L&D people.

Whilst the L&D industry doesn’t top the charts for demand (one only has to do a quick search for jobs in the mining/resources sector to know who’s winning that race), it’s certainly doing well with 306 new jobs posted in the past month as compared to other industries such as*;

  • 75 new ‘Quality Assurance & Control’ Scientist positions
  • 102 new ‘Generalist in-house’ Lawyer positions
  • 271 new Architect positions
  • 235 new Graphic Design positions
  • 202 new Accounts Manager positions

Of course, there were other positions that faired pretty well too (take ‘Construction Manager’ with 420 news positions for example) but overall it was clear that there is a healthy demand for L&D people, demand that is sure to increase in a country where we are already experiencing a skills shortage in many areas. What’s more, it’s a skills shortage that is set to increase over the next few years with L&D initiatives being the only truly viable way of bridging the gap…all things considered, it might be time to
speak to your boss about that pay rise!



*Please bear in mind these stats are only a small ‘snapshot’ of the jobs available on SEEK as there were simply too many to do a full, in-depth analysis.

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