From Me – Creating opportunities for leaders to emerge

I caught the end of a great interview on ABC radio the other day in which the guest (so sorry, I did write down the name then promptly lost the piece of paper it was written on) was discussing some of the issues facing Australian organisations from a leadership point of view.

I’m really annoyed I didn’t tune in earlier as I’d love to have been able to post more information for you (I’m going to try and find the full interview on ABC’s website and will post addition info if I do), however, there were a couple of really interesting points made, which (as always) seem very obvious in retrospect but are often missed by so many companies (and especially by execs who don’t fully understand the relationship between a good L&D strategy/program and a healthy company/profits).

The long and the short of it was that, in this age of pushing harder and harder for increased profits and more being asked of the (often depleated) workforce, the opportunities for potential leaders to emerge are few and far between as frankly the everyone is far to busy focussing on the task at hand. This means, of course, that unless an organisation is going to provide an opportunity for leaders to be identified (and, of course, appropiately trained), then they are simply going to slip through the cracks to be missed altogether or to move to another organisation where their potential will be recognised and developed…and, let’s face it, if your organisation doesn’t develop good leaders, then its future is looking very grim indeed!

The other (IMO facinating) point that was made is that most organisation’s will typically pair emerging Gen Ys with Gen Xs for leadership (and other) mentoring purposes, which is perhaps like having an older sibbling in charge of a younger brother or sister…certainly some positives to be had but generally a bit of a recipe for disaster.

Far more successful has been the pairing of Gen Ys with Boomers, which I guess makes a lot of sense as, aside from anything else, there’s less likely to be the view that the Gen Ys are ‘coming after their jobs’, that could be the case with the Gen Xs.

Like I say, I’ll have a look for the full interview on ABC’s website and let you know what I find. In the meantime, as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences in this area.



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