Ipads/Tablets…the future of materials?

For while now at Chifley we’ve been working on developing our materials for tablets (or, more specifically, ipads).

Aside from the obviously benefits of things like the reduced cost of priniting and delivering materials to clients (not to mention the environmental/sustainability benefits), they also offer a far more engaging and interactive learning experience with things like embedded video.

Of course, if this is to be a viable option it requires that the vast majority of program participants have a tablet, which, if they’re to be provided by the organisation means that a/ they need to have other work applications aside from just training (already the case for many companies) and b/ the execs can see the benefit (yet another case of ‘top down’ drive of change).

My feeling has been that this will take some years as the ‘oldies’ (of whome I include myself) often take a while to grasp the real value of new technologies and how this can be applied to the organisation. However, this belief was somewhat challenged when I was recently invited along to a board meeting in which all but one of the board had an ipad…maybe the days of interative materials are not as far away as I first thought!



1 thought on “Ipads/Tablets…the future of materials?

  1. The moves in hardware are complimented by sensational new presentation software and, as you pointed out, embedding audio/video content.

    I think we’ll find that instead of sitting in front of a laptop or desktop computer, business will move to more mobile tech (like tablets) as well as utilising cloud drives for their presentations.

    Gone are the days of waiting for a projector to boot up and trying to get the image on the screen of your laptop up on the wall. Powerpoint is now second rate compared to other presentation software out there.

    Fun, exciting times ahead in the world of business.

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