The essential skills of an L&D Manager

This is nice (albeit very small) ‘tongue in cheek’ article that appeared in CLOMAG last year listing the essential skills needed to be a successful L&D Manager – Sam...

Skills of a Learning and Development Officer




By: Gregory A. Ketchum – Chief Learning Officer Magazine

Take all of the skills that are important for success in any leadership role and add the following to make a good CLO [Chief Learning Officer – US term for Learning & Development Manager]:

  • Killer consulting skills along with insatiable curiosity.
  • Courage mixed with sound judgment.
  • Visionary leadership, strategic orientation and solid business acumen.
  • Being secure enough to ask simple questions without the fear of looking inexperienced or foolish.
  • Ability to surf the waves of change without getting too far out over the front of the board and getting knocked off.

Click here to go to the original article and for more from CLO Magazine

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