Opinion: Increase in Australian L&D job vacancies

Job Ads

Further to my post yesterday about L&D being ‘on the up’ in terms of more money [finally] seeming to be made available for L&D training programs, it also seems that the number of jobs being advertised recently has also risen, another indicator that there is a lot more positivity in the wider L&D/OD space.

For example, Seek.com.au (undoubtedly Australia’s largest online job-board) posted 235 new jobs in the past 30 days (click here for the SEEK search results) and Mycareer.com.au (Australia’s second largest online job-board) posted 60 (click here for the MC search results. Whilst you’d have to assume that the majority of the jobs on Mycareer were duplicates of those on Seek, this is still a pretty impressive number when one considers the size of the entire Australian L&D/OD ‘family’ and even more so when you consider that in other, bigger, [randomly chosen] professions, the numbers were:

  • WHS Officer (Construction) – 137 (Seek) / 69 (My Career)
  • Solicitor (Family Law) – 98 / 35
  • Architect – 358 / 305
  • Banker (Business) – 178 / 101
  • Carpenters – 605 / 278
  • HR (Consulting & Generalist) – 678 / 204

Perhaps the most telling result in the list is HR (consulting & Generalist), which, despite being a much wider area than L&D with a far number of positions for such roles held in most organisations, has only three times the number of L&D jobs advertised…you would normally expect HR to have a much higher number compared to L&D.

Again, I’m not suggesting we’re quite back to ‘normal’ (whatever that is) again, but things are certainly looking more positive!



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