Three take-aways from ILP’s recent Learning Success Blueprint Summit

ILP - Learning Success Blueprint Summit 2018

Last week I attended the ILP’s (Institute of Learning Professionals) annual ‘Learning Success Blueprint Summit’.

All in all, it was a great event with some awesome Keynote and Breakout Session speakers covering topics from using Linkedin for learning purposes, to the latest in Learning and Development industry trends.

However, I like to keep my posts ‘bite-sized’ (and, besides, I couldn’t fit everything in even if I wanted to), so, here’s my top three take-aways from the event.

Top Three Take-Aways for Learning and Development Professionals…

  1. Online learning ISN’T going to replace face-to-face learning…but it’s a VERY important part of a good, blended learning strategy
  2. ‘Learning and Development’ continues to evolve and is increasingly gaining respect from, and influence on, the people leading organisations as they learn how important capable and engaged people are for organisation success
  3. The ‘Learning and Development Manager Paradox’ is still alive and well – i.e. L&D people spend a huge amount of their time and effort building the capabilities of others, but still don’t do the same for themselves…events like this summit are essential to keep on top of the L&D game

All in all, I think it’s a VERY exciting time to be in the L&D space!

If you want information on future Learning Success Blueprint Summits (and other ILP events), go to

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