My favourite example of good online/video learning

A Great Example of an Online Learning Video - L and D Generous

A Great Example of an Online Learning Video – L and D Generous

What do we want from any kind of learning resource/initiative? Well, we obviously want the learner(s) to gain new knowledge and skills and we want them to be able and willing to use those skills (i.e. we want them to transfer them to their behaviour).

However, what if, as is so often the case, they don’t have a need to use the new knowledge and skills for some time…perhaps even years? And, what if the nature of the knowledge/skill means that they won’t have time or the ability to look up or ask for what they need, when they need it? Then the learning opportunity had better be damned good.

Here’s what, IMO, is a simply awesome example of such a piece of learning. Simple, short, punchy, and VERY memorable. Indeed, I first watched this over two years ago and I can still remember the essential information required to perform the required tasks, should that ever (unfortunately) be required.

If only we all had a famous actor on-hand to star in our organisation’s learning video hey!



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About the Author:

Sam Russell is a self-confessed L&D tragic. In his work-life, he’s a long-time Australian Learning & Development consultant who works with clients to design, develop and implement ‘end-to-end’ blended capability development solutions. He’s also a keynote speaker on topics including (but not limited to) ‘The future of  organisation learning’‘Simple strategies for maximising transfer of learning to behaviour’, and ‘Speaking C-Suitese, not L&Dese, to win L&D budget approval’.

You can contact him via this website or by email at or by phone on + 61 (0) 412 299 181.

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