What do you say when the SLT doesn’t see the point in training?

What do you say when the SLT doesn't see the point in training? - LandD Generous

Ok, we’ve come a LONG way in the last few years in terms of SLTs/C-Suites gaining a greater understanding of the need for well designed and implemented Learning & Development programs to ensure the maximum in capability and engagement, and therefore productivity and profits (click here to see my previous post ‘What’s the connection between leadership and organisational value?’ for more on this topic).

However, it’s still fairly common for people to say to me that their SLT doesn’t really seem to see the point of training…one L&D Manager even told me that her CEO had once asked her (in front of others) ‘So, what are you wasting money on today?’ (!?!?!?!?).

I’ve developed a response to this, which, when I’ve used it, seems to get a good response…

Take an accepted world-leading sports team, for example Rugby’s All Blacks, the Dutch Women’s Hockey Team, Baseball’s New York Yankees, or the Australian Netball Team.

Most people would agree that all of these teams are simply brimming with talent and, in their respective sports, are basically the best in the world.

But what would happen if you didn’t let them train for a year?

Even with all that latent talent, with no training, would they still be the best in the world?

Of course not.

Why would that be any different for your workforce?

Try saying that the next time someone tries to suggest that there’s no value in training and watch for the aha moment.


Sam 🙂


About the Author:

Sam Russell is a self-confessed L&D tragic. In his work-life, he’s a long-time Australian Learning & Development consultant who works with clients to design, develop and implement ‘end-to-end’ blended capability development solutions. He’s also a keynote speaker on topics including (but not limited to) ‘The future of  organisation learning’, ‘Simple strategies for maximising transfer of learning to behaviour’, and ‘Speaking C-Suitese, not L&Dese, to win L&D budget approval’.

You can contact him via this website or by email at LandDGenerous@yahoo.com or by phone on + 61 (0) 412 299 181.

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