How many L&D/OD jobs are there in Australia, where are they and how to they relate to L&D spend?

Learning and Development Jobs in Australia - L and D Generous

VERY unscientific research conducted on

Periodically, I like to have a look at the number of Australian Learning and Development and Organisational Development job adverts there are on Seek.

No, this isn’t simply my ‘L&D Tragicness’ rearing its ugly head (although, in fairness, that almost certainly plays a part). It’s because, whilst it’s not exactly scientific research to do a quick, generic job-search on Seek, it does give a pretty decent insight into the health of the industry, and not just from a job market point of view.

When times are tough, training is one of the things that suffers as companies tighten their purse strings (although, don’t get me started on how crazy that is…a topic for another post for sure!). With less training being delivered comes less [perceived] need for Learning and Development staff.

Of course, the reverse is true. When times are good, the training spend goes up, and so does the need for Learning & Development staff.

So, over the years I’ve found that if the L&D/OD job market is healthy, there’s typically a larger amount of training being done.

Looking at the numbers below as compared to a few years ago, it’s safe to say that there’s a MUCH larger demand for L&D/OD staff, which certainly correlates for the amount of demand I’m finding for capability development programs.

Lastly, in terms of where you’ll find all the Learning and Development jobs…it’ll come as no surprise that New South Wales (in particular Sydney) tops the charts AGAIN, with Victoria (in particular Melbourne) in second spot.

Search Term Region Job Ads
‘Learning and Development’


Australia Wide 10,513
QLD 1,786
NSW 4,059
ACT 303
VIC 3,257
TAS 78
WA 674
NT 68
‘Organisational Development’


Australia Wide 1,030
QLD 168
NSW 400
ACT 30
VIC 297
TAS 10
WA 76
NT 17

*My very sincere to all you South Australian’s out there. I did include SA in my searches but the results didn’t make it from my note pad to the article – how very embarrassing!!! The numbers were L&D jobs in SA = 308 and OD Jobs in SA = 36. Thanks for pointing that out Simon Wilson.

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