Universities aren’t agile and flexible enough to deliver to the private sector…right!?!

University Programs for the Private Sector - L and D Generous

Are Universities still just slow and inflexible providers of nothing but the MBA?

It’s something I hear fairly often…“Universities aren’t agile and flexible enough to deliver to private sector organisations…and they only offer the MBA anyway”.

Well, for the most part that certainly was the case but is it still true?

Like so many things, it’s not as simple as a straight yes or no answer.

There’s no getting away from the fact that many (probably most) Australian University Business School’s are still stuck in their ‘do it our way or no way’ mentality, often making it difficult for full-time employees to attend workshops, zero contextualisation, no non-accredited programs, etc. Indeed, the fact that a University needs a Business School for many of the important global rankings means that many simply operate them as a loss-leader with no real desire to change or create a meaningful value proposition to the private sector.

However, that’s not true of all of them.Take the University of Queensland Business School  for example (blatant bias alert: this is where I work and so the only one that I can speak about with any real authority).

Over the past few years, UQ Business School has worked REALLY hard to become a more flexible provider that meets the capability development needs of modern Australian businesses.

Ok, so I hear you saying “That sounds great Sam, but what does that actually mean?”.

Well, how about a few bullet points to make things easy? In no particular order…

  • The ability to provide high-level consultation on your entire organisation’s capability development strategy, meaning programs (regardless of who delivers them) from front-line all the way up to executive are aligned and provide logical articulation pathways
  • The ability to assist in embedding an organisation with ’70:20′ initiatives in addition to the ’10’
  • Some of Australia’s leading workshop facilitators who are selected for their industry experience in addition to their academic excellence
  • Non-award short courses of a truly high standard
  • Non-award and award programs contextualised for specific industries
  • Ability to deliver in-house programs across Australia (including rural and remote locations) and internationally
  • Public award and non-award programs that provide the opportunity to network and share knowledge with other Hi-Pos, executives, etc
  • Fully contextualised in house short courses, end-to-end programs, and award programs (from Graduate Certificates to the full MBA) that utilise the HUGE resources available only to a University (e.g. latest research, materials, case studies, etc) to build industry-relevant solutions of the highest standard
  • Programs that come with the acknowledged brand excellence of a global top-tier University

Ok, I could go on but I’m beginning to sound like an advert for UQ Business School now, which really isn’t the point of this post. The point is that if you thought that Universities don’t/can’t provide you or your organisation with flexible, industry relevant programs delivered by people who have in-depth industry experience then I’d encourage you to think again.

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About the Author:

I’m a self-confessed Learning & Development tragic. In my work-life, I’m a an Industry Engagement Manager for the University of Queensland’s Business School, meaning I work with clients to design, develop and implement ‘end-to-end’ blended capability development solutions.

If you’re interested in having a chat about how UQ Executive Education can help transform your organisation via our tailored executive development solutions, our public short courses, our Graduate Certificate in Executive Leadership, or the full MBA, please feel free to email me on sam.russell@uq.edu.au.

I’m also a keynote speaker on topics including (but not limited to) ‘Creating the workplace culture you want to work in’, ‘The future of organisation learning’‘Simple strategies for maximising transfer of learning to behaviour’, and ‘Speaking C-Suitese, not L&Dese, to win L&D budget approval’. If you’d like to engage me to speak at one of your events, feel free to contact me on the email address above.

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