Capability Development by Stealth – What subtle initiatives can you use to encourage and support organisational capability and cultural goals?

Capability Development by Stealth – What subtle initiatives can you use to encourage and support organisational capability and cultural goals?

Developing capability and culture by stealth…

So, my recent article ‘Is this the best L&D related advert ever?’ about Sodastream’s ‘Join the Revolution’ video prompted a completely reasonable question from one reader… ‘Yes, it’s a clever recruiting video that’s well executed with clear culture messages, but I’m struggling to see how this is a Learning and Development video’.

A fair point and one that actually opens up a much wider question about the additional strategies that can be employed to encourage and embed our organisational capability and/or cultural goals.

Before I expand on that, here was my response to the original question…

‘My view would be that capability development is (of course) MUCH more than just training initiatives and can/should include a wide range of other strategies that all align, interlink and support each other (no one strategy alone will ever achieve the best rest result after all). I genuinely believe that such a video would encourage and support an organisation’s shared values and (in this example) a culture of pride, initiative, innovation, acceptance, caring and much more…all things that I think most modern organisations would aspire to and that would form part of an L&D team’s organisational development goals.’

Ok, that’s obviously just a ‘world according to Sam’ statement, but I’m pretty confident that most people would share that view.

We’re already aware of (and increasingly using) the more obvious additional capability development resources/strategies we can use to support the traditional (but still extremely valid and important) face-to-face workshops as a part of a good blended learning solution aligned to the 70:20:10 model, such as e-learning, Mooks, virtual learning, coaching and mentoring, etc.

But what about the more subtle strategies that support these learning initiatives and mean a workforce is truly immersed in an environment that promotes, encourages, and supports them?

Well, the Sodastream video is (IMO) a good example (I don’t know about you but I’d feel a lot of pride in my company if I worked for Sodastream and watched an advert like that), but what else? In no particular order, here’s some ideas off of the top of my head…

  • Company communication channels (e.g. newsletter, intranet, etc) promoting positive messages from the SLT
  • Leaders at every level (but especially at the top) embracing the need to display the values and behaviours they want the whole workforce to embrace
  • Company communication channels promoting staff successfully completing major projects (and, in particular, detailing the knowledge, skills and behaviours that enabled this success)
  • Company communication channels promoting staff successfully completing learning initiatives (e.g. photos from graduations) and how this will positively impact on the participants, their teams, and the organisation
  • Awards for excellence in achievement, behaviour, etc
  • Positive images/symbols around the workplace
  • Including the whole organisation in determining the shared values, behaviours, etc so that they own them rather than being told them
  • Including values and behaviours in EVERYTHING from recruiting, employment contracts, on-boarding, and training through to KPIs, performance appraisals, incentives, promotions and everything in between

And they, I’m quite sure, are just the tip of a VERY large iceberg.

If you have anything you’d add to the list, please, please share them.

Thanks, as always, for reading. I hope you enjoyed it. Please be sure to like, comment, follow, and share.




About the Author:

I’m a self-confessed Learning & Development tragic. In my work-life, I’m a an Industry Engagement Manager for the University of Queensland’s Business School, meaning I work with clients to design, develop and implement ‘end-to-end’ blended capability development solutions.

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