Before I tell you a bit about myself and this site I want to apologise for the awful, groan inducing name of my blog (to be honest it should be ‘L&D Generous’ in the URL but you can’t use the ‘&’ symbol for your address unfortunately), however, it was a joke name I came up with some time ago for an L&D newsletter that I’ve been longing to use ever since (I should probably point out that this site has nothing whatsoever to do with Ellen DeGeneres and, to the best of my knowledge, she has nothing to do with Learning & Development, Organisational Development, etc…although she’s welcome to follow this site if she fancies it!).

Anyway, the reason I wanted to start an L&D blog was mainly because I have a genuine love of my job (organising training programs for clients in Australia and New Zealand) and I honestly love working with the people in the L&D/OD space (who I’ve almost always found to be friendly, highly professional people who are genuinely keen to make a positive difference for the people in their company/organisation and who are extremely generous with their time and willingness to catch up and ‘share’).

However, in my time working with said L&D/OD people, I’ve found that a large number of them are in ‘standalone’ roles, which often means (unlike my role) they have very few opportunities to network with other likeminded individuals and, as a result, they’re often somewhat starved of info as to ‘what’s happening out there?’ so I thought I’d start a blog to post info on stuff such as; interesting programs, L&D/OD related articles, interesting L&D/OD related news items, case studies, and other L&D/OD related stuff (who knows, even the odd joke/cartoon perhaps!)…not to mention my experiences and thoughts on what’s happening out there in the wider Aussie and Kiwi L&D/OD world.

One last thing (I promise); I’m completely new to this blogging stuff so please be sure to let me know if I’m getting anything wrong)…on that note; goes without saying that I’d love people to comment, criticise (constructively please), and, of course, contribute (indeed, I’d REALLY love people to contribute articles, etc) so please don’t be shy in getting in touch…and, if you think this site has any value, I’d be extremely grateful if you’d recommend me to others in the L&D/OD community.

Many thanks,


Ps I’m on Linkedin and Twitter as well so please feel free to look me up there too

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