Event(s) Alert – Delivering Change Management: A Panel Discussion 13th and 20th Oct

Another event alert for you but I’m glad to say that this one’s for free!!! Cliftons (the organisation that provides training and event venues…very good ones too!) are hosting a couple of forums on Change Management. Aside from being free of charge to attend and having several good speakers lined up (as well as the panel discussion), these things are also great from a networking point of view.

The first one is in Melbourne from 5.30pm to 7.30pm on the 13th of Oct and the second is one is in Sydney, 5.30pm to 7.30pm on the 20th of Oct (both at Cliftons of course).

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In the News – Enough Talk — Time to Begin the Change Process

Continuing with the topic of ‘Change’; CLO-Mag recently posted this article, which encourages us to basically ‘get off our backsides and do it’. An interesting point given that  I quite regularly speak to people who are trying to implement positive change only to be held up by all manner of things that all-too-often end up killing the project altogether.



By: David Vance – Chief Learning Officer Magazine – 13/09/11

Just start. This is probably the best and most basic advice I can give.

During the past nine months, we have talked about many opportunities for improvement and countless ways to run learning like a business. For many, these involve a change in approach, thinking and processes. And, since change is involved, there is always inertia to overcome. After all, even if a process could be improved, some are probably quite content with the existing state. Consequently, you can expect to hear “We are not ready for that yet” or “It will take years to get our systems (like an LMS) to be able to support that” or “We don’t have the data to do that.” Just start. Continue reading

From me – Change Management – A current ‘Hot Topic’

Many thanks to one of our latest members, Jonathon, who mentioned a topic that seems to be gaining an increasing amount of focus in the L&D/OD community and reminded me of an interesting article I found very recently via Google News on news-journal.com. The article discusses the extreme importance of properly managing change and, of course, from an L&D perspective, it begs the obvious question of ‘are the organisation’s leaders appropriately trained to insure that the change goals are achieved?’.

Is Change Management a current focus of you/your organisation? If so, I’m keen to hear your thoughts.



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