From me (and ‘In the news’) – Innovation is the key to a prosperous future

I was listening to ABC radio again yesterday evening and there was a very interesting (I use the words ‘very interesting’ a lot don’t I…apologies for that) item about the way Australian companies can remain profitable in an increasingly competitive global market.

The unquestionable truth is that we simply cannot compete with countries like India and China when it comes to cost of manufacturing/production…indeed, we lost that race many years ago.

However, western countries/companies still (just) lead the field in terms of innovation, and if your product or service is one (or more) steps ahead of the competition from overseas, buyers will typically allow for the extra costs associated with production. Continue reading

From Me – Creating opportunities for leaders to emerge

I caught the end of a great interview on ABC radio the other day in which the guest (so sorry, I did write down the name then promptly lost the piece of paper it was written on) was discussing some of the issues facing Australian organisations from a leadership point of view.

I’m really annoyed I didn’t tune in earlier as I’d love to have been able to post more information for you (I’m going to try and find the full interview on ABC’s website and will post addition info if I do), however, there were a couple of really interesting points made, which (as always) seem very obvious in retrospect but are often missed by so many companies (and especially by execs who don’t fully understand the relationship between a good L&D strategy/program and a healthy company/profits). Continue reading

From me – do intensive programs really offer value for money?

So sorry I haven’t posted for a few days, as some of you already know, I’ve been in training myself for the last week (I’ve finally got around to doing my Cert IV TAA!).

We don’t do Cert IV TAA at Chifley so I’m doing it with another RTO (no names mentioned for reasons that will become clear) – this isn’t unusual as we quite often take part in external training, which is obviously very interesting as, aside from allowing me to upskill, it gives me the opportunity to see how the competition is ‘doing it’. Continue reading

From me – Lacklustre programs reflecting badly on the L&D Manager

First of all, my apologies for not posting on Thursday and Friday last week – as you know, I try to post something of interest every weekday but I had some leave so I was spending the time with my wife and kids and trying to keep away from the computer…it was great but ‘back to the grindstone’ now.

Anyway, I wanted to do a post about a problem that I see happening all-too-often whereby L&D Managers will engage a learning solutions provider solely based on cost…i.e. the cheapest option will often win the day. Continue reading

From Me – Grad’s with attitude

Does your organisation take on a number of Graduates each year and, if so, do you have a graduate development program in place?

If the answer is ‘yes we take Grads but no, we don’t have a program in place’ then you’ll probably already be aware of the increasing importance Grad’s are putting on joing companies with such programs in place as I’m quite sure they’ll be asking you about them. Indeed, in some industries (take engineering for example), having a good company name and paying good money often isn’t enough these days to secure the ‘cream of the crop’ as they, being the very resume and career progression focussed bunch these ‘Gen Ys’ are, are choosing to join companies that have a structured Grad development program in place and avoiding the ones that don’t…in fact, it seems that many of them feel quite strongly that it’s ‘their right’ to such programs!

If, however, the answer is ‘yes we take Grads and yes, we have a Grad program in place’ then I’m sure the above is ringing bells (and possibly raising stress levels) for a lot of you and you have a good number of your Grads demanding all manner of development programs (would you believe I know of one company whose Grads have formed a sort of ‘union’ whose function it is, in part, to ensure a certain number of L&D programs are run per year!!!). Continue reading

From me – Change Management – A current ‘Hot Topic’

Many thanks to one of our latest members, Jonathon, who mentioned a topic that seems to be gaining an increasing amount of focus in the L&D/OD community and reminded me of an interesting article I found very recently via Google News on The article discusses the extreme importance of properly managing change and, of course, from an L&D perspective, it begs the obvious question of ‘are the organisation’s leaders appropriately trained to insure that the change goals are achieved?’.

Is Change Management a current focus of you/your organisation? If so, I’m keen to hear your thoughts.



Here’s the article by the way… Continue reading