How many L&D/OD jobs are there in Australia, where are they and how to they relate to L&D spend?

Learning and Development Jobs in Australia - L and D Generous

VERY unscientific research conducted on

Periodically, I like to have a look at the number of Australian Learning and Development and Organisational Development job adverts there are on Seek.

No, this isn’t simply my ‘L&D Tragicness’ rearing its ugly head (although, in fairness, that almost certainly plays a part). It’s because, whilst it’s not exactly scientific research to do a quick, generic job-search on Seek, it does give a pretty decent insight into the health of the industry, and not just from a job market point of view.

When times are tough, training is one of the things that suffers as companies tighten their purse strings (although, don’t get me started on how crazy that is…a topic for another post for sure!). With less training being delivered comes less [perceived] need for Learning and Development staff. Continue reading

In the News: Four Tips for Building Trust and Credibility

A great little article from Learning Solutions Magazine with a few pointers on building trust and credibility with your team…because let’s face it, without trust and credibility (with and between ALL members of a team but especially with and from the team leader) things are not going to go well! Sam

Building Trust and Credibility





By: Stacey Lindenberg – Learning Solutions Magazine – August 2014

“The recognition you and your team receive will build trust and credibility in and beyond your organization.”

A friend of mine had a problem.

Notice that it really wasn’t me. It was a friend. I swear.

This person has experience, leadership skills, integrity, and know-how. And yet, when he had to lead a major change in his organization, he wasn’t getting the support he needed:

  • Regardless of his expertise, experience, or credibility, something stood in his way.
  • Key stakeholders lost interest or engagement in the change initiative.
  • End users were confused.
  • His team couldn’t communicate consistently about the change.
  • This honest, experienced, and dependable person was stuck.

Sound familiar? These are all signs that my friend had a trust problem. If you encounter similar experiences, here’s what you can do about them. Continue reading

In the News: Online VET training records on the way

It seems that the government is taking steps to make it easier to track a person’s training and qualifications via online records. In an official statement released in June, the federal Minister for Industry, Ian Macfarlane said:

The federal Minister for Industry Ian Macfarlane MP

‘The Australian Government is delivering more improvements to the skills and training system to ensure students can move more easily from training into paid jobs that boost national productivity.
From next year, millions of Australians will be able to build an online record of their vocational education and training attainments and qualifications.
The online record will be accessible throughout a student’s life, helping to make lost qualifications a thing of the past.

Continue reading

In the News: Measuring return on investment on training

As we all know, this question of measuring ROI on training is often asked but an incredibly tricky one that’s almost impossible to answer. I often pose the question “how capable do you think a workforce would be after an extended period of time with NO training?”. Most execs seem to agree that the answer is “not very!”.

We use a system we call SMART learning that uses a simple measurement to compare capability before and after training – this doesn’t provide a definitive $ return but shows clear positive change.

Here’s a fantastic article that offers an interesting view of the subject.

Have a great weekend!

Cheers, Sam

Return on Investment on Training Programs

I Want To Develop My People, But I Can’t Prove It’s Worth The Money’

By: Stephen J Meyer – Forbes Magazine – August 2014

Why would anybody spend a ton of money training employees if there’s no way to actually prove it works?

Many would answer, “I wouldn’t.” But that’s the wrong question.

Can you quantify the benefit of your elementary, middle or secondary school education? Probably not.

Would you say, “I’m not going to buy a six-figure education for my kid to go to college unless I can prove it’ll get her a six-figure job”? Not likely. Continue reading

In the News: It’s performance that matters!

A bit of a long one but well worth the read – cheers, Sam…

Learning Solutions Magazine

By: Conrad Gottfredson – Learning Solutions Magazine – Aug 2014

When all is said and done—leading, managing, technologizing, big data enabling, training, supporting, and engaging employees—organizational success is fundamentally determined by how well people actually end up performing the day-to-day work of the organization.

The performance zone

Human performance engineer Gloria Gery described the arena where this day-to-day work of the organization takes place as “the performance zone.” More than twenty years ago, she challenged organizations to develop their capacity to enable high-level job performance within this zone. This zone is where “things come together … where people ‘get it,’ where the right things happen, where the employee’s response exactly matches the requirements of the situation … where employees put together all the individual [and collective] dance steps that they have mastered. The dance, the dancers, and the music are one.” (See the References at the end of this article.) Continue reading

In the News: Frontline managers important but undertrained!

To be honest, in light of the lack of investment in training across Australia (and possibly much of the world) over the past few years, it’s probably no surprise that such a high percentage of execs believe that inadequate frontline leadership is damaging engagement levels…what is surprising (at least to me) is that if they feel this is the case, why aren’t they investing more in the only proven way to effectively manage improvement in capability…training!



Frontline Management Training Australia

By: Human Capital Magazine – 18/08/2014

In a recent study involving more than 600 global executives, 90% of respondents felt that inadequate leadership among frontline managers was detrimental to employee engagement levels. Continue reading

In the news: Three ways to create innovative leaders

Further to my recent post about the huge focus in India and China on developing innovative thinking and the subsequent need for Australian organisations to be highly innovative to stay ahead of the international pack, here’s an interesting related article from the USA’s CLOmag on how your organisation can create innovative leaders – cheers, Sam…

Top view of a business meeting in progress

To build innovation capabilities, CLOs should address the challenge on three levels: building individual skills; helping teams innovate new products, processes or business models; and building systemic capabilities for the whole company.

By: Michael Lurie – Chief Learning Officer Magazine

What do, Apple, GE, Google, Disney and Tata have in common? They all have remarkable long-term performance track records — and they all regard innovation as central to their success.

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