Have you been to the World’s biggest L&D conference yet?

ATD - The World's Biggest Learning & Development Conference - L&D Generous

A quick confession…

Ok, before I get going on this article, I must fess-up and admit that I didn’t know anything about the ATD conference until David King at the awesome knowledge-sharing platform provider ‘Tribal Habits‘ told me about it, so this article is basically thanks to him…thanks David! 🙂

The Learning & Development Mecca

Ok, pretty much every group has their own ‘Mecca’. In soccer, it’s the (currently underway) World Cup, for hippies, it’s Burning Man, for kids, it’s Disney Land…and, for Learning & Development people, it would seem to be the annual ATD conference in the USA.

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Three take-aways from ILP’s recent Learning Success Blueprint Summit

ILP - Learning Success Blueprint Summit 2018

Last week I attended the ILP’s (Institute of Learning Professionals) annual ‘Learning Success Blueprint Summit’.

All in all, it was a great event with some awesome Keynote and Breakout Session speakers covering topics from using Linkedin for learning purposes, to the latest in Learning and Development industry trends.

However, I like to keep my posts ‘bite-sized’ (and, besides, I couldn’t fit everything in even if I wanted to), so, here’s my top three take-aways from the event. Continue reading

AHRI Learning & Development Networking Events



AHRI Logo 1

I’m a great believer in networking with others in the wider L&D/OD community to keep up-to-date with what’s going on ‘out there’…what the latest learning methods are, what’s working, what’s not, etc etc – not to mention having a place to discuss your ideas and ask for advice and just to have a chat with like-minded people.

For those of you that are members of AHRI (The Australian Human Resources Institute), there are AHRI L&D Networking events hosted across Australia. Continue reading

Event Alert – Workforce Planning & Management in Mining 2012

On the 17 and 18 of April, 2012, IQPC (The International Quality & Productivity Centre) are hosting the ‘Workforce Planning & Management in Mining 2012’ conference at the Holiday Inn City Centre, Perth, WA.

It promises a very full day with some excellent keynote speakers/topics including: Continue reading

Event Alert – HR Summit(s) 2012 dates & details

I went to a couple of the HR Summits last year and have to say that, on the whole, they were well worth attending. This year’s events look good too, not in the least because it’s the their 10th anniversary so they’re putting some extra effort into it.

Unfortunately the Sydney event has already been held (at Luna Park, which must have been a great venue), but Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth are yet to happen.

Of course, being an all-round HR event, it’s not all relevent to those of us in the L&D/OD world, however, it’s got plenty that is and so is well worth checking out…I just need to hit the boss up for the money for the ticket now!!! Continue reading

Grad programs in the Engineering (and related) sectors

Wow, how time flys by when you’re having fun…what with LOTS on at work, doing my MBA, renovating the house, not mention a wife and two kids, it’s just been ages since my last post – time to put that right!

Anyway, I was at the Engineers Australia annual conference yesterday, which was a fantastic event with a large number of stall holders, most of which were looking to attract the best and brightest of the Engineering Grads.

As always, I got myself out there to have a chat with the people on the various stalls and was delighted to find that a/ it seems that L&D people are playing an increasing role in these events Continue reading