Learning and Development Quotes: Mary Poppins

Learning and Development Quotes - Mary Poppins - L and D Generous

The mother of gamification, Mary Poppins

So, whilst absolutely everyone knows Mary Poppins, what most people don’t know if that she was the inventor of gamification!

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My favourite example of good online/video learning

A Great Example of an Online Learning Video - L and D Generous

A Great Example of an Online Learning Video – L and D Generous

What do we want from any kind of learning resource/initiative? Well, we obviously want the learner(s) to gain new knowledge and skills and we want them to be able and willing to use those skills (i.e. we want them to transfer them to their behaviour).

However, what if, as is so often the case, they don’t have a need to use the new knowledge and skills for some time…perhaps even years? And, what if the nature of the knowledge/skill means that they won’t have time or the ability to look up or ask for what they need, when they need it? Then the learning opportunity had better be damned good. Continue reading

In the news – Apple’s iTunes U [University] hits 600 million education downloads

By Daniel Eran Digler – ‘Apple Insider’ – Published: 08/09/11

Apple’s iTunes U, an initiative encouraging schools to offer print, audio and video downloads of their education programs almost entirely free to the public, has hit a new
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In the News – Targeting Employee Education for ‘Digital Natives’

Targeting Employee Education for Digital Natives

Ladan Nikravan –  Chief Learning Officer Magazine – 24/8/11

To meet the needs of the future workforce, learning leaders must know how to reach employees who have grown up with wide access to technology. Here’s how.

The new generation of students entering the workforce has grown up with information and communication technology as an integral part of their everyday lives. Today’s leaders have to learn to communicate in the language and style of these students and understand that they’re digitally native. Continue reading