Why on earth would organisations REDUCE training spend when retrenching staff?

Why not to reduce training spend - L and D Generous

Confused? You will be!

Ok, yesterday’s post ‘How many L&D/OD jobs are there in Australia, where are they and how to they relate to L&D spend?’ got me right back on my high horse about one of my massive Learning & Development related bug-bears. That being, WHY ON EARTH WOULD AN SLT REDUCE TRAINING SPEND WHEN RETRENCHING STAFF!?!?!

Now, I realise that I’m almost certainly preaching to the choir here and, being a self-confessed L&D tragic, possibly a bit biased, but here’s my thinking…

What happens in a downturn

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In the News – National skills agreement signed

By: The Sydney Morning Herald – 13/04/2012

All states and territories have signed on to the federal government’s skills  package in a deal which is worth $1.75 billion to them in incentive  payments. As well the commonwealth is putting up $7.2 billion over five years to pay  for a training entitlement.

It will lead to 375,000 extra people getting skilled qualifications over the  next five years, with all working-age Australians guaranteed a government-funded  training place. Continue reading

From me – Lacklustre programs reflecting badly on the L&D Manager

First of all, my apologies for not posting on Thursday and Friday last week – as you know, I try to post something of interest every weekday but I had some leave so I was spending the time with my wife and kids and trying to keep away from the computer…it was great but ‘back to the grindstone’ now.

Anyway, I wanted to do a post about a problem that I see happening all-too-often whereby L&D Managers will engage a learning solutions provider solely based on cost…i.e. the cheapest option will often win the day. Continue reading

From me – The GFC’s impact on budgets – is it still here?

I’m guessing that a good number of you would have felt the impact of the GFC on your training budgets (I’m obviously biased here but I don’t get why companies reduce their training budget at the same time as laying off staff…surely you need MORE training when you have a smaller workforce but still need to keep your service standards up!?! A topic for another time perhaps). Continue reading