Are you ready for 2019? The Bare Essentials of a Successful Learning & Development Strategy

The Bare Essentials of a Successful Learning and Development Strategy - L and D Generous

Are you ready for your 2019 Learning and Development programs?


So we’re already staring down the barrel of 2019 (where the hell did 2018 go already!?!), meaning that this year’s Learning and Development initiatives will be coming to an end and, if you haven’t already, you’ll need to start thinking about next year’s.

However, this is where many Learning & Development strategies fall down…i.e. before work begins on developing the strategy, the time hasn’t been taken to identify goals that are not just focussed on the desired outcomes but that also take a realistic look at elements such as the [likely] allocated budget, availability of staff, available resources, etc, etc.

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The unofficial L&D Generous ‘Must Read Learning & Development Books List’ (as voted by you)

The L&D Generous Unofficial Essential Learning and Development Book List

The L&D Generous Unofficial Essential Learning and Development Book List

A big thank you to everyone that read, liked, and made recommendations in response to my ‘What are your top Learning & Development ‘Must Read’ Books?’ post last week.

Here, in no particular order, is the list (so far)…

  • ‘Level Up – Building the highest performance teams’ by Dr Pete Stebbins with Alistair Kerr (thank you for this recommendation Bronwyn Jones)
  • ‘The FISH! Philosophy’ by John Christensen (thank you for this recommendation Danielle Peters)
  • ‘Learning Conversations’ by Sheila Harri-Augstein and Laurie Thomas (thank you for this recommendation Doug Hawkins)
  • ‘The leadership pipeline’ by Ram Charan & Drotter (thank you for this recommendation Jinty Ainsworth)
  • ‘How we Learn’ by Benedict Carey (thank you for this recommendation Karen Dahlstrom)
  • ‘GRIT’ by Angela Duckwort (thank you for this recommendation Francine Paton)
  • ‘Tribal Leadership’ by Dave Logan, Halee Fischer-Wright, & John King (thank you for this recommendation Stephen Rutter)
  • ‘The Future of Professions’ by Susskins (thank you for this recommendation John Westgarth)
  • ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’ – Lencioni (Greg Horne and for seconding that nomination Debra Kraft)

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In the News – Lack of apprenticeships could foil entitlement plan

A clear warning that there is much to be done if Australia is to meet its skills needs without having to rely heavily on overseas manpower…

By: John Ross – The Australian – 25/04/2012

The national training entitlement agreed to this month appears unlikely to solve shortages in some of the fastest-growing occupations, with private colleges still steering clear of expensive trades and technical training.

An analysis by the HES shows more than 1000 colleges are accredited to train people in key administrative occupations, and hundreds are equipped for training in personal care, hospitality and sales. But as few as two dozen train in the technical, trades and mining occupations the federal government says will explode over the next four years

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Ipads/Tablets…the future of materials?

For while now at Chifley we’ve been working on developing our materials for tablets (or, more specifically, ipads).

Aside from the obviously benefits of things like the reduced cost of priniting and delivering materials to clients (not to mention the environmental/sustainability benefits), they also offer a far more engaging and interactive learning experience with things like embedded video.

Of course, if this is to be a viable option it requires that the vast majority of program participants have a tablet, which, if they’re to be provided by the organisation means that a/ they need to have other work applications aside from just training (already the case for many companies) and b/ the execs can see the benefit (yet another case of ‘top down’ drive of change).

My feeling has been that this will take some years as the ‘oldies’ (of whome I include myself) often take a while to grasp the real value of new technologies and how this can be applied to the organisation. However, this belief was somewhat challenged when I was recently invited along to a board meeting in which all but one of the board had an ipad…maybe the days of interative materials are not as far away as I first thought!



In the news – Apple’s iTunes U [University] hits 600 million education downloads

By Daniel Eran Digler – ‘Apple Insider’ – Published: 08/09/11

Apple’s iTunes U, an initiative encouraging schools to offer print, audio and video downloads of their education programs almost entirely free to the public, has hit a new
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