My favourite example of good online/video learning

A Great Example of an Online Learning Video - L and D Generous

A Great Example of an Online Learning Video – L and D Generous

What do we want from any kind of learning resource/initiative? Well, we obviously want the learner(s) to gain new knowledge and skills and we want them to be able and willing to use those skills (i.e. we want them to transfer them to their behaviour).

However, what if, as is so often the case, they don’t have a need to use the new knowledge and skills for some time…perhaps even years? And, what if the nature of the knowledge/skill means that they won’t have time or the ability to look up or ask for what they need, when they need it? Then the learning opportunity had better be damned good. Continue reading

Video – Managing Gen Y

Following on from my last post ‘Training Gen Y’, I had a look at Youtube and found this interview by Harvard Business Publishing. As in the previous post, it discusses re-evaluating the Gen Y characteristics that have traditionally been seen as negatives, to understand how, if they’re properly understood they can be succesfully applied to training programs/the workplace and have significant positive results.

Interestingly, it also talks about the connection between Ys and Boomers being stronger than the connection between Ys and Xs, suggesting that mentoring of Ys by Boomers can also achieve some extremely positive results.

Anyway, here’s the Vid – please be aware, being from Harvard it’s obviously a bit ‘America-oriented’ but still very applicable to Aussie and Kiwi organisations…

Video – How Social Media is being used by L&D

We’re all hearing more and more about ‘social media’ and the impact it’s having on many areas of business, L&D programs being no exception. Unless you’re a member of Gen Y, then you’re probably like me in that you’ve asked yourself ‘how on earth does social networking do anything other than help you find your old school mates and connect with people in your business community?’.

Given that an ever increasing percentage of the workforce is Gen Y, it’s clear that keeping abreast of the latest ways of delivering learning solutions is paramount. To that end, here’s a video I found on CLO Mag featuring Jeff Cobb, of Verizon Wireless, and Joe Campbell, of Nike, explaining how their organisations are using social media for leadership development (This is my first go at embedding a video so hopefully it’ll work!!!)…

Blending Informal learning and Social Media into Leadership Development from Human Capital Media on Vimeo.