Welcome to the new and improved L&D Generous.

Before I tell you a bit about myself and this site I want to apologise for the awful, groan inducing name of my blog (to be honest the URL should also be ‘L&D Generous’ but you can’t use the ‘&’ symbol for your address unfortunately), however, it was a joke name I came up with some time ago for an L&D newsletter that (surprise, surprise) wasn’t selected so I’ve been longing to use it ever since (I should probably point out that this site has nothing whatsoever to do with Ellen DeGeneres (and, to the best of my knowledge, she has nothing to do with Learning & Development, Organisational Development, etc…although she’s welcome to follow this site if she fancies it!).

Anyway, the reason I wanted to start an L&D blog was mainly because I have a genuine love of my job (designing and implementing end-to-end capability development programs for clients across Australia and internationally) and I honestly love working with the people in the L&D/OD space (who I’ve almost always found to be friendly, highly professional people who are genuinely keen to make a positive difference for the people in their company/organisation and who are extremely generous with their time and willingness to catch up and ‘share’).

However, in my time working with said L&D/OD people, I’ve found that a large number of them are in ‘standalone’ roles, which often means (unlike my role) they have very few opportunities to network with other like-minded individuals and, as a result, they’re often somewhat starved of info as to ‘what’s happening out there?’ so I thought I’d start a blog to post info on stuff such as; interesting programs, L&D/OD related articles, interesting news items, case studies, and other L&D/OD related stuff (who knows, even the odd joke/cartoon perhaps!).

Lastly, if you’ll forgive a quick shameless plug, if you (or anyone you know) are looking for business and/or leadership capability development programs, or a keynote speaker from my area of the industry (I speak on topics such as ‘The future of  organisation learning’‘Simple strategies for maximising transfer of learning to behaviour’, ‘Speaking C-Suitese, not L&Dese, to win L&D budget approval’, and others), please don’t hesitate to ask me for some information!

Many thanks,

Sam Russell - Australian Learning and Development Tragic


Click here or on the word ‘blog’ in the menu at the top of the page to go to the main post page – you’ll find the ‘register’ button to the right of the top blog (you’ll get an email to confirm your registration so you might need to check your junk email folder).

15 thoughts on “About

  1. Congratulations Sam, what a great resource! I’ll be checking in regularly to see what’s happening and if I have something to share, will definately do so. Will also forward an email to other L&D people in Kalgoorlie and surrounds as I know they’ll be interested too.
    Have a great day

  2. Hi everyone,
    I am also pretty new to this technology blogging, twitter etc. I have a question to put to the group of OD/L&D professionals. If this is not the ‘right area’ feel free to shift it. I am currently looking at a business acumen training program for some of our leaders. It has been recommended that using a simulation is a very effective learning approach where the participants work in ‘leadership’ teams and compete against each other while running through 5 financial years. I am wanting the simulation to be automated where the results can be plugged into a computerised spreadsheet and feedback back to the participants. Has anyone been involved in similar types of learning and if so who was the provider that you used.

    • Hi Caroline, thanks so much for the post. I’m very cautious of speaking about the CBS programs as that obviously isn’t the purpose of the site, however, I also want to be able to provide you with some info so…

      We have a great business acumen program that uses ‘colour accounting’ (colours and physical ‘buckets’ to teach ‘financial litteracy’ rather than the old fashioned ‘numbers on a sheet’), which has been really successful. It certainly can be (and has been) delivered in a ‘leadership teams’ format, however, I’m afraid we don’t have a way of doing it via a computerised spreadsheet (at least we haven’t done so before…I’ll check if we can) so I’m not sure if it’d tick all of your boxes. More than happy to have a word with a few people and see if they know anyone else that deliveres this way – also, obviously feel free to get in touch if you wanted to discuss it.


      Sam – 0412 299 181

  3. Hi folks, I too, have no idea how to blog, but I love the name!! Looking forward to being part of your community, and probably making some blog protocol errors (please forgive a novice). Cheers, Lisa (L&OD Manager, Oxfam Australia)

  4. Hi all
    Well done Sam on converting a good idea into reality. To misquote Mr N Hill, “nothing happens till you do it”. As for using wordpress, best thing since sliced bread.I was trying to work out how best to contribute so if its ok with you what I will do is post very short reviews of books that i have read and see if they generate interest for L&D persons. I’m also mad keen on change management at the moment so I might throw books of that nature in as well. Cheers

    • That would be fantastic, many thanks Jonathan, much appreciated. As for Change Management, there seems to be a HUGE interest in that area at the moment, which I expect to increase.



  5. Sam

    This is a great idea, I operate a group on LinkedIn targeting L&D specialists within the mining industry as well as being involved in a number of other groups and blogs. All I can say is the more of these sort of opportunities to share with others the better. “We are not truly knowledgeable people until we have learnt the benefit of sharing what we know”.



  6. Hi Sam.

    Thanks for the blog (and explaining the name – I must admit I was a little perplexed at the url)
    I followed the trail from Linkedin (which I don’t check often enough), and will definitely subscribe and comment here. 🙂

    Chat soon.

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