In the News: Four Tips for Building Trust and Credibility

A great little article from Learning Solutions Magazine with a few pointers on building trust and credibility with your team…because let’s face it, without trust and credibility (with and between ALL members of a team but especially with and from the team leader) things are not going to go well! Sam

Building Trust and Credibility





By: Stacey Lindenberg – Learning Solutions Magazine – August 2014

“The recognition you and your team receive will build trust and credibility in and beyond your organization.”

A friend of mine had a problem.

Notice that it really wasn’t me. It was a friend. I swear.

This person has experience, leadership skills, integrity, and know-how. And yet, when he had to lead a major change in his organization, he wasn’t getting the support he needed:

  • Regardless of his expertise, experience, or credibility, something stood in his way.
  • Key stakeholders lost interest or engagement in the change initiative.
  • End users were confused.
  • His team couldn’t communicate consistently about the change.
  • This honest, experienced, and dependable person was stuck.

Sound familiar? These are all signs that my friend had a trust problem. If you encounter similar experiences, here’s what you can do about them. Continue reading

The power of Positive Affirmation over Criticism

Building Positive Teams

There was an interesting conversation today on ABC Radio Brisbane about the benefits of being ‘Thankful’ for a more fulfilling, happier life. One of the things that was discussed, that is extremely relevant for leaders who wish to develop a positive, highly engaged, and motivated team, was the benefit of motivating people through the positive affirmation of the things they do well instead of focusing on the things they aren’t doing so well.

Of course, if a team member (or the whole team) is doing something incorrectly, this of course needs to be addressed, however, mixing critique with praise is a highly effective way of making sure a culture of negativity isn’t developed.

Sometimes it can be hard to find the positives but if you look hard enough, you’ll find them!



Ps. Forgive the lack of posts last week, I’m afraid I was away on business and it wasn’t easy to get to a computer.