L&D Quote – Queen Elizabeth II

It’s been a little while since I last posted something more on the light-hearted side, so here’s an L&D quote for you from the Queen – Cheers, Sam…

Training Quote - Queen Elizabeth II

‘It’s all to do with the training: You can do a lot if you’re properly trained”Queen Elizabeth II


AHRI Learning & Development Networking Events



AHRI Logo 1

I’m a great believer in networking with others in the wider L&D/OD community to keep up-to-date with what’s going on ‘out there’…what the latest learning methods are, what’s working, what’s not, etc etc – not to mention having a place to discuss your ideas and ask for advice and just to have a chat with like-minded people.

For those of you that are members of AHRI (The Australian Human Resources Institute), there are AHRI L&D Networking events hosted across Australia. Continue reading

Opinion: Increase in Australian L&D job vacancies

Job Ads

Further to my post yesterday about L&D being ‘on the up’ in terms of more money [finally] seeming to be made available for L&D training programs, it also seems that the number of jobs being advertised recently has also risen, another indicator that there is a lot more positivity in the wider L&D/OD space.

For example, Seek.com.au (undoubtedly Australia’s largest online job-board) posted 235 new jobs in the past 30 days (click here for the SEEK search results) and Mycareer.com.au (Australia’s second largest online job-board) posted 60 (click here for the MC search results. Whilst you’d have to assume that the majority of the jobs on Mycareer were duplicates of those on Seek, this is still a pretty impressive number when one considers the size of the entire Australian L&D/OD ‘family’ and even more so when you consider that in other, bigger, [randomly chosen] professions, the numbers were: Continue reading

Opinion: Is Australian L&D ‘on the up’?

Learning and Development Training Budgets

As most of you would already know, my job is getting out there an meeting with L&D/OD managers to discuss their [business & leadership] training needs and working with them to develop and implement programs to address the identified skills gaps.

As you can imagine, this gives me a fair amount of insight into what’s going on out there in the wider L&D world. However, even if you’re in a fairly isolated role, you’d have to have been living under the proverbial rock to not have been aware of the fact that, due to a somewhat slow economy, a large percentage of L&D/OD managers have had fairly limited budgets (the resultant impact on the workforce being pretty obvious).

However, this year there seems to have been a very tangible change in the market. People who have, for a year or two now, been keen to get going with badly needed programs but struggling to get budget approval, seem to finally be getting the go-ahead. Continue reading

Event Alert: Australian HR Awards 2014

Australian HR Awards 2014

Arguably the premier awards of their type in Australia, the 2014 Australian HR Awards Ceremony kicks off on Friday the 5th of September at Doltone House, Darling Island in Sydney and, as always, will include an award for ‘Best Learning and Development Strategy’.

It’s also a great opportunity to network with others in the HR/OD/L&D community and, of course, have a drink or two with them!

For more information, see below or click here to go to the official website.

Cheers, Sam

From the Australian HR Awards Website…

The Australian HR Awards have kicked off with a bang!

This year has seen a record number of nominations from some of the country’s largest and most innovative companies. The high calibre of entries received this year has resulted in a very impressive list of finalists.

View the full list of finalists

Continue reading

The essential skills of an L&D Manager

This is nice (albeit very small) ‘tongue in cheek’ article that appeared in CLOMAG last year listing the essential skills needed to be a successful L&D Manager – Sam...

Skills of a Learning and Development Officer




By: Gregory A. Ketchum – Chief Learning Officer Magazine

Take all of the skills that are important for success in any leadership role and add the following to make a good CLO [Chief Learning Officer – US term for Learning & Development Manager]:

  • Killer consulting skills along with insatiable curiosity.
  • Courage mixed with sound judgment.
  • Visionary leadership, strategic orientation and solid business acumen.
  • Being secure enough to ask simple questions without the fear of looking inexperienced or foolish.
  • Ability to surf the waves of change without getting too far out over the front of the board and getting knocked off.

Click here to go to the original article and for more from CLO Magazine

In the News: Three rising trends in employee development initiatives

In keeping with yesterday’s post, this article discusses learning and development trends in a period of reduced budgets. Sam…

Multi Generational Workforce






By: Emma Snider – Techtarget

Many companies slashed corporate learning budgets when the economy crashed. But can employee development initiatives truly be tossed aside without consequence?

At the Human Capital Institute (HCI) Learning and Leadership Development Conference, held last week in Boston, HR leaders and experts correlated learning and employee development initiatives with higher employee engagement, retention, customer satisfaction and revenue. Viewed in this light, it seems the C-suite should pay more attention to employee development.

Although budgets have been restored somewhat since the economic downturn, dollars and resources are still limited and need to be allocated wisely. So what employee development trends should HR managers bear in mind when planning learning strategies? Three themes emerged during the conference: increased focus on the development of Generation Y workers, the importance of company culture and the rise of peer-to-peer and continuous learning models. Continue reading