From Me – Creating opportunities for leaders to emerge

I caught the end of a great interview on ABC radio the other day in which the guest (so sorry, I did write down the name then promptly lost the piece of paper it was written on) was discussing some of the issues facing Australian organisations from a leadership point of view.

I’m really annoyed I didn’t tune in earlier as I’d love to have been able to post more information for you (I’m going to try and find the full interview on ABC’s website and will post addition info if I do), however, there were a couple of really interesting points made, which (as always) seem very obvious in retrospect but are often missed by so many companies (and especially by execs who don’t fully understand the relationship between a good L&D strategy/program and a healthy company/profits). Continue reading

From Me – Grad’s with attitude

Does your organisation take on a number of Graduates each year and, if so, do you have a graduate development program in place?

If the answer is ‘yes we take Grads but no, we don’t have a program in place’ then you’ll probably already be aware of the increasing importance Grad’s are putting on joing companies with such programs in place as I’m quite sure they’ll be asking you about them. Indeed, in some industries (take engineering for example), having a good company name and paying good money often isn’t enough these days to secure the ‘cream of the crop’ as they, being the very resume and career progression focussed bunch these ‘Gen Ys’ are, are choosing to join companies that have a structured Grad development program in place and avoiding the ones that don’t…in fact, it seems that many of them feel quite strongly that it’s ‘their right’ to such programs!

If, however, the answer is ‘yes we take Grads and yes, we have a Grad program in place’ then I’m sure the above is ringing bells (and possibly raising stress levels) for a lot of you and you have a good number of your Grads demanding all manner of development programs (would you believe I know of one company whose Grads have formed a sort of ‘union’ whose function it is, in part, to ensure a certain number of L&D programs are run per year!!!). Continue reading

Case Study – Creating a Managerial Development Program to Help Move Your Company Forward – Vistaprint

Creating a Managerial Development Program to Help Move Your Company Forward

By: Jennifer Remis, Training, August 26, 2011
How can successful managers help move your company forward? Founded in 2000, Vistaprint is a leading online supplier of customized printed products and marketing tools. In recent years, the company has experienced rapid growth and major increase in business volume. In response to the sweeping change in business volume over the past decade, promotions were given to strong individual contributors. These promotions yielded positive results in some cases, but not in all.  Employee engagement surveys, from fiscal year 2006-2008, revealed a lack of confidence in these immediate managers. The company quickly realized it needed to shift focus onto its managers in an effort to sustain the rapid level of growth it was experiencing while also growing and developing future leaders for the organization. The Global Executive Team met and discussed what route Vistaprint could take in order to address the prevalent management issues at hand. Continue reading

Video Link – HC Mag – Developing High Performers

An interesting video on developing high performers featuring a variety of key HR people in organisations such as Oracle, Frucor, and Millward Brown.


Aiming for the top: Developing High Performers

Identifying and developing high performers is one of the primary ways businesses today can gain competitive advantage. Not only does the business benefit, it also serves to engage and further develop employees. So what are the top companies doing? Edweena Stratton, senior director of HR at Oracle, says her company has implemented fast-track programs for those identified as being key talent. Dean Sappey, HR director – Australia at Frucor, has concentrated on the key drivers for these people, through a range of motivational and psychometric tools. Frucor has also invested heavily on development opportunities for their high performers. Cindy Grass, HR director at Millward Brown, says that high performers not only want to be rewarded appropriately, but also be heard and listened to. Meanwhile, IT best employer McAfee’s HR director, John Francois, comments on the development opportunities available for their high performers – not only in terms of leadership, but also in resolving issues.

Click here for a link to the video

In the news – Australian workers craving inspiration

Australian workers craving inspiration

Human Capital Magazine – 01/09/11

Australian workers are crying out for inspiration and looking to their leaders to provide it, according to an annual investigation into the world of Australian workers by recruitment and HR specialists, Randstad. Continue reading

Case study – From Toys to Talent – Hasbro

An interesting article on a company using a well thought out L&D strategy to address organisational leadership requirements/development, one of the key outcomes being a staff retention rate of around 90% – SR…

From Toys to Talent

By Alicia Korney –  Chief Learning Officer Magazine – 8/25/11

As Hasbro shifted from toy manufacturer to global brand powerhouse, the company transformed its leadership development to bolster the talent pipeline and promote innovative thinking. Continue reading