From me – how are you measuring learning outcomes?

What are you doing to measure your learning outcomes? Of course, this may seem like answering ‘how long is a piece of string?’ but the reality is that there are several fairly basic and easy to implement strategies that not only help you measure the success of L&D programs but, if done properly, can significantly increase ‘buy in’ from managers and execs. Continue reading

Case study – From Toys to Talent – Hasbro

An interesting article on a company using a well thought out L&D strategy to address organisational leadership requirements/development, one of the key outcomes being a staff retention rate of around 90% – SR…

From Toys to Talent

By Alicia Korney¬†–¬† Chief Learning Officer Magazine – 8/25/11

As Hasbro shifted from toy manufacturer to global brand powerhouse, the company transformed its leadership development to bolster the talent pipeline and promote innovative thinking. Continue reading