Grad programs in the Engineering (and related) sectors

Wow, how time flys by when you’re having fun…what with LOTS on at work, doing my MBA, renovating the house, not mention a wife and two kids, it’s just been ages since my last post – time to put that right!

Anyway, I was at the Engineers Australia annual conference yesterday, which was a fantastic event with a large number of stall holders, most of which were looking to attract the best and brightest of the Engineering Grads.

As always, I got myself out there to have a chat with the people on the various stalls and was delighted to find that a/ it seems that L&D people are playing an increasing role in these events Continue reading

In the News – More Training, More Gaining [Post-Grads and Grads still in high demand]

Further to my post last week about ‘Grads with attitude’, a week or two back the Australian posted this article about the continuing demand for Graduates (in particular Post-Graduates) and how this is likely to increase in the coming year. It’s no surprise that Grads with Mining related degrees are in most demand but it would seem that, with a ‘take up’ rate of over 85% there’ll be some stiff competition for almost all of them, which again begs the question; ‘from an L&D/OD perspective, what initiatives can be taken to attract the best grads and, of course, keep them on board?’


By: Andrew Trounson – The Australian – 10/09/11

POSTGRADUATES remained significantly more attractive to employers than new graduates during the economic downturn, but the signs are for demand to rise next year across the board. Continue reading

From Me – Grad’s with attitude

Does your organisation take on a number of Graduates each year and, if so, do you have a graduate development program in place?

If the answer is ‘yes we take Grads but no, we don’t have a program in place’ then you’ll probably already be aware of the increasing importance Grad’s are putting on joing companies with such programs in place as I’m quite sure they’ll be asking you about them. Indeed, in some industries (take engineering for example), having a good company name and paying good money often isn’t enough these days to secure the ‘cream of the crop’ as they, being the very resume and career progression focussed bunch these ‘Gen Ys’ are, are choosing to join companies that have a structured Grad development program in place and avoiding the ones that don’t…in fact, it seems that many of them feel quite strongly that it’s ‘their right’ to such programs!

If, however, the answer is ‘yes we take Grads and yes, we have a Grad program in place’ then I’m sure the above is ringing bells (and possibly raising stress levels) for a lot of you and you have a good number of your Grads demanding all manner of development programs (would you believe I know of one company whose Grads have formed a sort of ‘union’ whose function it is, in part, to ensure a certain number of L&D programs are run per year!!!). Continue reading