In the News – Lack of apprenticeships could foil entitlement plan

A clear warning that there is much to be done if Australia is to meet its skills needs without having to rely heavily on overseas manpower…

By: John Ross – The Australian – 25/04/2012

The national training entitlement agreed to this month appears unlikely to solve shortages in some of the fastest-growing occupations, with private colleges still steering clear of expensive trades and technical training.

An analysis by the HES shows more than 1000 colleges are accredited to train people in key administrative occupations, and hundreds are equipped for training in personal care, hospitality and sales. But as few as two dozen train in the technical, trades and mining occupations the federal government says will explode over the next four years

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In the News – National skills agreement signed

By: The Sydney Morning Herald – 13/04/2012

All states and territories have signed on to the federal government’s skills  package in a deal which is worth $1.75 billion to them in incentive  payments. As well the commonwealth is putting up $7.2 billion over five years to pay  for a training entitlement.

It will lead to 375,000 extra people getting skilled qualifications over the  next five years, with all working-age Australians guaranteed a government-funded  training place. Continue reading

In the News – Managing Staff that don’t ‘Fit’

One of my contacts on Linkedin recently posted a link to this interesting article on the HC Online website re managing staff that don’t quite fit into the culture of their team and/or the organisation. It’s not a long read but certainly thought provoking…

Managing staff who don’t ‘fit’- HC Mag – 28/03/2012

Organisations are increasingly looking to ‘vocational assessments’ as a constructive way of managing the situation when a staff member appears to not ‘fit’ in a role, or is struggling in their current role, according to a leading workplace psychologist. Continue reading

Event Alert – HR Summit(s) 2012 dates & details

I went to a couple of the HR Summits last year and have to say that, on the whole, they were well worth attending. This year’s events look good too, not in the least because it’s the their 10th anniversary so they’re putting some extra effort into it.

Unfortunately the Sydney event has already been held (at Luna Park, which must have been a great venue), but Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth are yet to happen.

Of course, being an all-round HR event, it’s not all relevent to those of us in the L&D/OD world, however, it’s got plenty that is and so is well worth checking out…I just need to hit the boss up for the money for the ticket now!!! Continue reading

Ipads/Tablets…the future of materials?

For while now at Chifley we’ve been working on developing our materials for tablets (or, more specifically, ipads).

Aside from the obviously benefits of things like the reduced cost of priniting and delivering materials to clients (not to mention the environmental/sustainability benefits), they also offer a far more engaging and interactive learning experience with things like embedded video.

Of course, if this is to be a viable option it requires that the vast majority of program participants have a tablet, which, if they’re to be provided by the organisation means that a/ they need to have other work applications aside from just training (already the case for many companies) and b/ the execs can see the benefit (yet another case of ‘top down’ drive of change).

My feeling has been that this will take some years as the ‘oldies’ (of whome I include myself) often take a while to grasp the real value of new technologies and how this can be applied to the organisation. However, this belief was somewhat challenged when I was recently invited along to a board meeting in which all but one of the board had an ipad…maybe the days of interative materials are not as far away as I first thought!



In the news – Great Learning Starts With Communities


A very interesting article from CLO-Mag on how one can combine the strengths of each generation to create a stronger workforce more engaged in (and positive about) learning programs…

By: Frank Kalman – Chief Learning Officer Magazine – 10/21/11

Creating a sense of organizational community helps increase employee
engagement and retention in a multigenerational workforce.

With today’s multigenerational workforce, ranging from traditionalists
to the baby boomers to Generations X and Y, learning leaders face the challenge
of building continuity along with individual development amid a divide in
workplace values. Continue reading

In the News – Enough Talk — Time to Begin the Change Process

Continuing with the topic of ‘Change’; CLO-Mag recently posted this article, which encourages us to basically ‘get off our backsides and do it’. An interesting point given that  I quite regularly speak to people who are trying to implement positive change only to be held up by all manner of things that all-too-often end up killing the project altogether.



By: David Vance – Chief Learning Officer Magazine – 13/09/11

Just start. This is probably the best and most basic advice I can give.

During the past nine months, we have talked about many opportunities for improvement and countless ways to run learning like a business. For many, these involve a change in approach, thinking and processes. And, since change is involved, there is always inertia to overcome. After all, even if a process could be improved, some are probably quite content with the existing state. Consequently, you can expect to hear “We are not ready for that yet” or “It will take years to get our systems (like an LMS) to be able to support that” or “We don’t have the data to do that.” Just start. Continue reading