In the News: It’s performance that matters!

A bit of a long one but well worth the read – cheers, Sam…

Learning Solutions Magazine

By: Conrad Gottfredson – Learning Solutions Magazine – Aug 2014

When all is said and done—leading, managing, technologizing, big data enabling, training, supporting, and engaging employees—organizational success is fundamentally determined by how well people actually end up performing the day-to-day work of the organization.

The performance zone

Human performance engineer Gloria Gery described the arena where this day-to-day work of the organization takes place as “the performance zone.” More than twenty years ago, she challenged organizations to develop their capacity to enable high-level job performance within this zone. This zone is where “things come together … where people ‘get it,’ where the right things happen, where the employee’s response exactly matches the requirements of the situation … where employees put together all the individual [and collective] dance steps that they have mastered. The dance, the dancers, and the music are one.” (See the References at the end of this article.) Continue reading

In the News: Frontline managers important but undertrained!

To be honest, in light of the lack of investment in training across Australia (and possibly much of the world) over the past few years, it’s probably no surprise that such a high percentage of execs believe that inadequate frontline leadership is damaging engagement levels…what is surprising (at least to me) is that if they feel this is the case, why aren’t they investing more in the only proven way to effectively manage improvement in capability…training!



Frontline Management Training Australia

By: Human Capital Magazine – 18/08/2014

In a recent study involving more than 600 global executives, 90% of respondents felt that inadequate leadership among frontline managers was detrimental to employee engagement levels. Continue reading

In the News: 10 Common Leadership & Management Mistakes

A great summary of the common mistakes made by leaders from – after all, if we don’t recognise our mistakes, how can we improve? Sam…

Common Leadership Mistakes





Experience is the name every one gives to their mistakes.– Oscar Wilde

It’s often said that mistakes provide great learning opportunities.

However, it’s much better not to make mistakes in the first place!

In this article, we’re looking at 10 of the most common leadership and management errors, and highlighting what you can do to avoid them.

If you can learn about these here, rather than through experience, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble! Continue reading