In the News – Enough Talk — Time to Begin the Change Process

Continuing with the topic of ‘Change’; CLO-Mag recently posted this article, which encourages us to basically ‘get off our backsides and do it’. An interesting point given that  I quite regularly speak to people who are trying to implement positive change only to be held up by all manner of things that all-too-often end up killing the project altogether.



By: David Vance – Chief Learning Officer Magazine – 13/09/11

Just start. This is probably the best and most basic advice I can give.

During the past nine months, we have talked about many opportunities for improvement and countless ways to run learning like a business. For many, these involve a change in approach, thinking and processes. And, since change is involved, there is always inertia to overcome. After all, even if a process could be improved, some are probably quite content with the existing state. Consequently, you can expect to hear “We are not ready for that yet” or “It will take years to get our systems (like an LMS) to be able to support that” or “We don’t have the data to do that.” Just start. Continue reading

Event Alert – DevLearn – Las Vegas – Nov 2nd to 4th

For those of you with a fairly decent budget for attending events (very envious!), the DevLearn conference is in Las Vegas this year on the 2nd to 4th of November. As with all things American it promises to be BIG with some great keynote speakers and, no doubt, some amazing learning and networking opportunities. If anyone is fortunate enough to go along I’d be extremely grateful if they’d do a bit of a report for us (is anyone already booked?).

For more info and registration follow click here.


Case study – From Toys to Talent – Hasbro

An interesting article on a company using a well thought out L&D strategy to address organisational leadership requirements/development, one of the key outcomes being a staff retention rate of around 90% – SR…

From Toys to Talent

By Alicia Korney –  Chief Learning Officer Magazine – 8/25/11

As Hasbro shifted from toy manufacturer to global brand powerhouse, the company transformed its leadership development to bolster the talent pipeline and promote innovative thinking. Continue reading

Event Alert – Learnx Asia-Pac Convention – Brisbane – 14th and 15th Sep

For anyone who’s in Brisbane (or who fancies flying in to Brisbane), the LearnX Asia Pacific Conference is on Wednesday, 14 September 2011 – Thursday, 15 September 2011 at the Brisbane Convention Centre, South Brisbane. The production’s theme is ‘Transformations and innovations in how we learn for work and life’.
I’d love to go but I’ll be in Darwin so it’d be great to hear from anyone that went (one of my workmates is going so I’ll ask her to post on what it was like).

More info at