In the News (Safety Leadership case study) – Pike River Mine Tragedy

A good case study re-enforcing the need for ‘Safety Leadership’/’Culture of Safety’ (from top to bottom) within an organisation…

Pike River mine warning: ‘She’s going to blow’

By: Neil Reid – (Fairfax NZ News) – 22/04/2012

Stuart Mudge dreamed of learning the art of mining on the Pike River coalface.

But it was a passion which ultimately claimed the life of the 31-year-old resident of Runanga, a township 10km northwest from Greymouth.

And as a Royal Commission of Inquiry investigates the cause of the tragedy – as well as a raft of issues relating to the mine’s safety procedures, design and the actions of former management Continue reading

From me – Procedural Safety Training…is it putting the cart before the horse?

At Chifley we really only focus on programs/qualifications that
sit inside the business and/or leadership space. The one exception is our
Safety Leadership program, which is a short course designed to ensure everyone
within an organisation develops a positive, committed, active attitude towards
safety…i.e. developing a ‘culture of safety’.

I write this not to ‘plug’ our Safety Leadership program but
simply because in delivering the program it’s become increasingly obvious that
often/traditionally the approach to safety training has been far more
procedural in it’s nature – e.g. ‘don’t leave your gym bag in a place where
someone can trip over it’ (to use a bit of a basic example).

This is fine within itself but, if the people receiving the
training don’t take safety seriously, then they’re unlikely to put the training
into practice (especially if there’s no follow up). Continue reading