Opinion: Preparing RETAINED staff for life after retrenchment

Retrenchment Training Australia

Ok, I’ll hold my hand up and say that, being a member of the wider L&D/OD community, I am, of course, somewhat biased about my belief in the huge benefits of ‘good’ training for an organisation.

However, I’m pretty confident that my bias isn’t so strong that it’s making me miss something about some of (to me) the obvious flaws in the retrenchment strategies employed by so many organisations. Continue reading

In the News: Smart Companies Re-train not Retrench!

I couldn’t agree more. Whilst I understand that some companies simply can’t afford not to let go of some staff when things are REALLY tough, it seems short-sighted (in the extreme) for companies that are simply going through an inevitable market down-turn (ALL markets go up and down after all) to let go of staff that they are going to need to recruit again in a year or so’s time. Aside from anything else, the negative impact on workforce engagement simply isn’t worth the $ savings if it can be avoided. Sam

By: Julia Stirling – The Weekend Australian

Smart companies have learned from the 1990s recession and are not bankrupting their resources, according to Susan Heron, chief executive of the Australian Institute of Management (Victoria/Tasmania).

“They are keeping the right people on board so they are actually not mortgaging the future,” Heron says. ‘‘It’s a real point of difference between the 1990s and now.”

Retaining skilled employees is seen as the top priority in helping Australian businesses survive the downturn, according to a survey released by the institute.
The survey, Business Performance and Priorities in the Downturn, was conducted in December and January. Continue reading