In the News – National skills agreement signed

By: The Sydney Morning Herald – 13/04/2012

All states and territories have signed on to the federal government’s skills  package in a deal which is worth $1.75 billion to them in incentive  payments. As well the commonwealth is putting up $7.2 billion over five years to pay  for a training entitlement.

It will lead to 375,000 extra people getting skilled qualifications over the  next five years, with all working-age Australians guaranteed a government-funded  training place. Continue reading

In the News – More Training, More Gaining [Post-Grads and Grads still in high demand]

Further to my post last week about ‘Grads with attitude’, a week or two back the Australian posted this article about the continuing demand for Graduates (in particular Post-Graduates) and how this is likely to increase in the coming year. It’s no surprise that Grads with Mining related degrees are in most demand but it would seem that, with a ‘take up’ rate of over 85% there’ll be some stiff competition for almost all of them, which again begs the question; ‘from an L&D/OD perspective, what initiatives can be taken to attract the best grads and, of course, keep them on board?’


By: Andrew Trounson – The Australian – 10/09/11

POSTGRADUATES remained significantly more attractive to employers than new graduates during the economic downturn, but the signs are for demand to rise next year across the board. Continue reading

Case Study – Creating a Managerial Development Program to Help Move Your Company Forward – Vistaprint

Creating a Managerial Development Program to Help Move Your Company Forward

By: Jennifer Remis, Training, August 26, 2011
How can successful managers help move your company forward? Founded in 2000, Vistaprint is a leading online supplier of customized printed products and marketing tools. In recent years, the company has experienced rapid growth and major increase in business volume. In response to the sweeping change in business volume over the past decade, promotions were given to strong individual contributors. These promotions yielded positive results in some cases, but not in all.  Employee engagement surveys, from fiscal year 2006-2008, revealed a lack of confidence in these immediate managers. The company quickly realized it needed to shift focus onto its managers in an effort to sustain the rapid level of growth it was experiencing while also growing and developing future leaders for the organization. The Global Executive Team met and discussed what route Vistaprint could take in order to address the prevalent management issues at hand. Continue reading

From me – Poll suggests future focus on training

There’s a poll on Human Capital Magazine’s website asking “How is your company planning to combat the skills shortage?”. The options given are:

  • Upgrade skills of existing staff
  • Hire contract/temp staff to alleviate workloads
  • Hire staff from overseas
  • Have existing staff work longer hours

It’s still fairly early days in the poll but it comes as no surprise to me that ‘Upgrade skills of existing staff’ is way ahead of the other three with 50% of the votes. Aside from the fact that it makes sense to invest in your existing staff, there simply isn’t the human resource out there to meet the demand (particularly in the mining/resources sector) and besides, recruiting is generally a FAR more expensive exercise than training!

Click here to see the poll (and add your vote if you feel like it of course) – it’d also be great to hear how you’re company is dealing with any skills resource issues – is the focus on training, contracting, or recruiting (or all three)?


Case study – From Toys to Talent – Hasbro

An interesting article on a company using a well thought out L&D strategy to address organisational leadership requirements/development, one of the key outcomes being a staff retention rate of around 90% – SR…

From Toys to Talent

By Alicia Korney –  Chief Learning Officer Magazine – 8/25/11

As Hasbro shifted from toy manufacturer to global brand powerhouse, the company transformed its leadership development to bolster the talent pipeline and promote innovative thinking. Continue reading