In the News: Three rising trends in employee development initiatives

In keeping with yesterday’s post, this article discusses learning and development trends in a period of reduced budgets. Sam…

Multi Generational Workforce






By: Emma Snider – Techtarget

Many companies slashed corporate learning budgets when the economy crashed. But can employee development initiatives truly be tossed aside without consequence?

At the Human Capital Institute (HCI) Learning and Leadership Development Conference, held last week in Boston, HR leaders and experts correlated learning and employee development initiatives with higher employee engagement, retention, customer satisfaction and revenue. Viewed in this light, it seems the C-suite should pay more attention to employee development.

Although budgets have been restored somewhat since the economic downturn, dollars and resources are still limited and need to be allocated wisely. So what employee development trends should HR managers bear in mind when planning learning strategies? Three themes emerged during the conference: increased focus on the development of Generation Y workers, the importance of company culture and the rise of peer-to-peer and continuous learning models. Continue reading