In the News: Four Tips for Building Trust and Credibility

A great little article from Learning Solutions Magazine with a few pointers on building trust and credibility with your team…because let’s face it, without trust and credibility (with and between ALL members of a team but especially with and from the team leader) things are not going to go well! Sam

Building Trust and Credibility





By: Stacey Lindenberg – Learning Solutions Magazine – August 2014

“The recognition you and your team receive will build trust and credibility in and beyond your organization.”

A friend of mine had a problem.

Notice that it really wasn’t me. It was a friend. I swear.

This person has experience, leadership skills, integrity, and know-how. And yet, when he had to lead a major change in his organization, he wasn’t getting the support he needed:

  • Regardless of his expertise, experience, or credibility, something stood in his way.
  • Key stakeholders lost interest or engagement in the change initiative.
  • End users were confused.
  • His team couldn’t communicate consistently about the change.
  • This honest, experienced, and dependable person was stuck.

Sound familiar? These are all signs that my friend had a trust problem. If you encounter similar experiences, here’s what you can do about them. Continue reading