In the News: Four Tips for Building Trust and Credibility

A great little article from Learning Solutions Magazine with a few pointers on building trust and credibility with your team…because let’s face it, without trust and credibility (with and between ALL members of a team but especially with and from the team leader) things are not going to go well! Sam

Building Trust and Credibility





By: Stacey Lindenberg – Learning Solutions Magazine – August 2014

“The recognition you and your team receive will build trust and credibility in and beyond your organization.”

A friend of mine had a problem.

Notice that it really wasn’t me. It was a friend. I swear.

This person has experience, leadership skills, integrity, and know-how. And yet, when he had to lead a major change in his organization, he wasn’t getting the support he needed:

  • Regardless of his expertise, experience, or credibility, something stood in his way.
  • Key stakeholders lost interest or engagement in the change initiative.
  • End users were confused.
  • His team couldn’t communicate consistently about the change.
  • This honest, experienced, and dependable person was stuck.

Sound familiar? These are all signs that my friend had a trust problem. If you encounter similar experiences, here’s what you can do about them. Continue reading

In the News: Can you make the workplace happier? You bet!

Whilst the idea of building a ‘happy workplace’ is all-too-often written off as ‘PC nonsense’, ‘being soft’, etc, IMO, the benefits of a happy workplace are simply too important to ignore.

Aside from the fact that it’s more pleasant to work in a place where people are happy, stats clearly show that a happier workforce increases engagement, productivity, profits, etc and reduces important things such as time off due to ‘illness’, workplace complaints, conflict, WHS incidents, and staff turnover.

With all that in mind, why wouldn’t you invest in creating a happier workplace!?!



Creating a Positive Work Environment





By: Stephanie Zillman – HC Online – 27/02/2014

When your employees are happy, they are also more creative, productive, less likely to leave the company, less absent, and less conflicts at work which means more money and better product.

It’s a win-win situation: successful employees are happy employees, and vice versa. When workers are happy at the workplace, they want to work harder and smarter. They are also more creative, productive, less likely to leave the company, less absent, and have fewer conflicts at work which ultimately means more money and better product. That’s according to Diane Lang, a psychotherapist, author and speaker, who offers 15 ways to make employees happy. Continue reading